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I gained so much from Mark’s coaching over the last few months that it feels selfish not to share it. I started coaching wanting more clarity and momentum with my career but the work I did (and it takes some work, a LOT of being honest and instilling new ways of thinking and doing) has changed my life leaps and bounds. And yes, I did use those cheesy words, it’s changed my life.


I’m a more present mother, a more compassionate wife, I’m finding a deep honesty and focus as a writer and any worries, problems, stresses that arrive (work, money, world politics, the lot!) don’t overwhelm me anymore. It’s not just my lifestyle and mental wellbeing that benefitted I have also gained clarity and momentum in my career.


Mark’s coaching changed my life and I didn’t even know it needed changing! It was fun, so enjoyable and ridiculously productive. I just can’t keep that kind of magic to myself!

Bethan - Writer

I had 6 sessions with Mark. I was not in any particular crisis situation, just wanted to get some insight and see more clearly where I was headed. But the experience with Mark took me way beyond my expectations, helping me set 4 very clearly identified goals that I did not know mattered. I now have a road map to accomplish what I have chosen to be the top priorities in my life to feel fullilled and giving. I cannot recommend him enough

Creative Producer and VR Specialist

Mark is an excellent coach; warm, understanding, encouraging, challenging, person focused, adaptable, fun and creative. 

My first set of coaching sessions really helped me to gain clarity and to both identify my goals and to move forward with them. I have found myself being much more productive post coaching sessions and much more realistic in my approach to succeeding in my goals. 

I felt completely relaxed during my coaching sessions and full of motivation to move forward with my goals post session.

Danielle – Theatre Director

I found myself in a bit of a rut with some career/business decisions that had been endlessly rolling around in my head and getting nowhere fast. Mark quickly helped me pull out some underlying motivations and regain some clarity and confidence to think big and pursue my goals.

Adam - Entrepreneur


I love Mark's positive energy and objective feedback on most given subjects. Mark has been providing advice and support as I develop my charity. His clear understanding and connections in the charity sector has enabled me to think and produce clear concise documents.

Angela - Charity CEO

Mark's positive and focused coaching sessions have helped me move from being low in confidence and stuck in my career to establishing a small business in less than 6 months. He supported me to set achievable goals and helped me build my confidence. Mark asked thoughtful and insightful questions to help me overcome challenges and realise the goals we had established. He was encouraging throughout the process and approached each session with a calm manner and a sense of humour. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. He really has helped me transform my life.

Hannah - Professional Declutterer

My sessions with Mark have been challenging but so valuable. Mark has the ability to ask just the right questions and to sit with you through difficult moments, whilst instilling you with the faith that you do know the answers, even if you’re not sure where they are just yet. Unexpectedly, the biggest value in my sessions with Mark are not so much working toward my original goals, but rather readdressing them, and setting goals that are genuinely for me. My sessions with Mark have helped me to create clearer boundaries whilst letting go a little more and trusting that things will come with some time and patience, bringing me much greater serenity and calm. 

Theatre Director

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