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How many?
How long?
How frequent?
What is it?

Where do coaching sessions happen?

Usually coaching sessions will take place via Zoom, Skype or over the phone; this means I can coach you wherever in the world you happen to be.  




How many sessions will I have?

I recommend that we have six sessions together, often over a period of three months; any less than this and it is difficult to achieve lasting and meaningful change. 



How long is a session?

Sessions are one hour, apart from the first one, which is a 90-minute discovery session where we explore what is going on in your life and identify what we will work on during our sessions.


How frequent are sessions?

Often we will have a session fortnightly – but this isn’t set in stone. After our discovery session we may decide weekly or monthly sessions are right for you. This depends on your goals and what you want to achieve. 


Is it like counselling or therapy?

No – I am not a therapist. Whilst coaching has some similarities in approach and techniques, in practice it is very different to counselling. There has been a lot written on this topic and I won’t go into detail here but to give a very brief summary of the differences: Therapy looks to your past and focuses on problems, whereas coaching looks forward and focuses on solutions. Therapy looks at emotions and why we should change whereas coaching looks at goals and how we can change.



Are you qualified?

Coaching is currently an unregulated profession with no formal qualifications required. In theory anyone can say they are a coach and set up a business. However there are a number of bodies working to change this and drive up standards in coaching practice. The main two are the Association for Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.


I trained with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship (MOE), the course is recognised by the Association for Coaching (of which I am an accredited member and whose code of ethics I abide by).  I have also completed the ICF accredited Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Fundamentals course and am an enhanced practitioner in Narrative Coaching. I have completed a number of short courses in coaching techniques, mindfulness and NLP.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have cover through Oxygen with Public Liability Insuranceup to £10m and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to to £1.5m.  A copy of the insurance certificate can be provided on request.

How much is it?

Please send me a message to discuss coaching costs. 

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