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Hello, I’m Mark and I set up my life coach practice in November 2016. As with many coaches my journey to get here was not linear, but I am thrilled to have found my vocation and there is no greater pleasure than working with clients to achieve their goals. I hope to work with you as your coach and consequently you may want to know a bit about me and how I got here  - this is outlined below but if you’re more interested in what coaching is and if it is right for you then click here.

I initially trained as an actor and worked professionally for seven years. When this career was no longer fulfilling me, I decided to make a change and embarked on a career development programme with the National Theatre. It was here that I first encountered coaching and the power it had to create meaningful change. The programme led me to a new career in theatre producing and I worked on more than 20 productions from intimate dramas to opera and large-scale events.  After a couple of fortuitous turns I found myself working in the arts within the criminal justice sector and eventually in charity management.  I was head of operations at Only Connect before joining the team at Spark Inside as managing director.

It was during my time at Spark Inside that coaching came back into my life in a major way. Spark Inside runs a life coaching programme in prisons in London and the South East and while there I worked with my own life coach and started training as a coach myself. Through the training I realised that I had an aptitude for coaching and was passionate about helping people reach their full potential. At this point I made a big decision - I quit my job and set up my own life coach practice, which is how you have come to be reading this.

Through being coached myself and through coaching others I have seen the power it has to create lasting change in people's lives. I am keen on making coaching accessible to all and have volunteered with GivingTime, an organisation that uses coaching to help young people transition from education into work and Breaking Barriers a charity that supports refugees. I am a lead trainer for the Ministry of Entrepreneurship (MOE) where I help to train the next generation of coaches.

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