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  • Mark Bixter


Positivity is a wonderful thing! As a rule thinking positively is one of the most powerful things we can do to help our outlook and mindset. However just thinking positively isn’t going to solve all your problems, but it does tend to get you further than thinking negatively will.

Positive thinking isn’t enough on its own though. It needs back up, thought, commitment and intention. For instance if I were to “just think positively” about carrying out a triple heart bypass without ever having had training or any knowledge in how to do it - I don’t think the outcome would be good!!

There is another side to this too… when positivity turns toxic. As the image in this post shows – we can think we’re being helpful and positive, but in actual fact we’re having the opposite effect. When we try to be positive without understanding, without truly listening, without engaging in the challenge that confronts us and hearing what someone is saying to us, this is when being positive can actually be negative.

By all means “stay positive” and encourage others to do the same, but only when you’ve taken the time to listen and understand what staying positive will take for the person you’re speaking to.

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