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  • Mark Bixter

Comfort zone...

I’d like to share some thoughts on comfort zones. In fact I’d like to come to the defence of the poor old comfort zone!

A quick Google of the term brings up loads of anti-comfort zone sentiments with phrases and memes saying stuff like “growth begins at the end of your comfort zone” or “you can’t innovate within your comfort zone” or “great things never happen in your comfort zone”. So why does the comfort zone get such bad press?

As a coach my role is to work alongside people on their journeys, encourage them to achieve more, to go further than they thought they could, to be brave and challenge themselves in order to get where they want to be: in short to step outside of their comfort zone! The comfort zone is, as the name suggests - comfortable. It is a place of ease, a place where you remain unchallenged. It is for that reason that I believe it has so much to offer.

We all need a place of safety that we can return to. It is only because we have a comfort zone at all that we are able to step beyond it. Being comfortable and at peace with where we are right now, provides us with the power and impetus to reach further.

I think we should give the comfort zone some love. Ask yourself what you need to do to move out of it and then do it! But also be grateful you have a comfort zone, nourish it and recognise that sometimes sitting in it might be just what you need before you make the next big leap…

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