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  • Mark Bixter

Positive Intelligence

I recently started a course on Positive Intelligence. The course is part of my ongoing learning as a coach and looks at how we can best deal with the saboteurs in our heads. Our saboteur is the voice of doubt that creeps in and holds us back from fully reaching our potential.

I’ve been noticing my own saboteur recently and how often it can tells stories that aren’t true. Yesterday I was delighted to receive an email from the Association for Coaching telling me that my application for accreditation as an Executive Coach was successful. The application process is pretty tough, it includes a few short essays reflecting on your coaching; responding to ethical dilemmas; getting testimonials from clients; submitting a development log; a review of coaching supervision and a reference from a supervisor… the list goes on! It took a lot of time and effort to get it into shape. It is then submitted and assessed which takes up to three months. I put my application in on the 4th December and heard back on the 2nd March, just two days before the three month deadline.

For the past few weeks my saboteur has been on overdrive saying things like “you haven’t heard because your application was rubbish” or “if it was a pass you would have heard quickly” or “you should have put more effort into the application”. The feedback from my application was very positive and encouraging. I realise now that none of my saboteurs’ thoughts were real, helpful or constructive and yet they had a good grip on me.

I’m looking forward to learning more about challenging my own saboteurs and if you’d like some help challenging yours then send me a message. If you want to find out more about your own saboteur you can take this quick assessment let me know which is your strongest (mine is The Pleaser).

In the meantime I’m quieting the voice of my own sabouteur by writing this post and stating publicly that I’m proud of my accreditation! Take that saboteur!

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